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I wanted utopia, but that domain was not available.
Why utopia? Well, when I tell people about my ideas for the world, the first thing they say is that it is unrealistic..... In other words: utopia. I am convinced that it is NOT unrealistic. On the contrary, many people, deep in their hearts: this is what they want. But they are afraid to say so or to admit it to them selves even, because they are afraid to be called stupid or a dreamer or something like that.

I am Jan ten Wolde, born in 1959 in the Netherlands, raised in Enschede where my family has lived since the late 1800's. I am from the working class but I studied at the University Twente in Enschede. So you might say that I know what it is to be a migrant: not at home on neither side of the class border.

Jan ten Wolde

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Change to make a better world is possible and free! All we need to do is accept some common long term goals instead of going all in different directions based on selfish shorterm interests
Why this site?
Because I want to do something about the mess this world is in. I have lost faith in politics.I have lost faith in the media. They all keep things as they are, keeping the rich in power. Voters are desperately looking for a party/politician that is able to change something, resulting in left wing voters to jump to the right wing, because they are more radical in their statements. The result is division between opposing parties, that is exactly want the ruling powers want: divide and conquer.
I started this in 2019. I was 60 and I suddenly realized that I finally understood the big picture of what is wrong in the world and why nothing is changing. Yes, I know, that took me a long time.... Life long studying..... ;-). It also became clear that positive change is not only coming too slow, but more and more we seem to move in the wrong direction in some parts of the world. Anyway, I am over the hill, but now I feel the need and obligation to do something.

It is very hard to make a change. How do we do that? The existing political parties are not going to achieve this. Nobody is really hitting the right string. They are all beating around the bush. Afraid to make fundamental changes. Afarid to go against the interests of succesfull, rich and (therefore!) powerfull businesses and companies.

Meanwhile there are all kinds of global protests and actions that show there is frustration amongst many people about the fact that politics is not able to make a change. For example: Anti-globalisation protests, "gele hesjes"/ "Les gilets jaunes", protect the climate protests

I am convinced that all these protests (some of which do not seem to be able to express what they really want) all come down to the same frustration that I have been having: there are a lot of things wrong in the world and it is sometimes hard to say what it is.

So what I am trying to do on this site is describe what is wrong, where we should go and maybe some idea's on how to get there.

On this site I want to write down my thoughts and ideas for non violent but radical change

I am using the word radical, because it is radically different in many respects to what we do now, but on the other hand I want the changes to go evolutionary, keeping the many good things that we have now and changing what is bad. I think thise changes will take a few generations to be implemented. Clearly this will require global cooperation between all people and countries of the world.