How to get there

There is a lot to be done and it is way too complex to describe it all here. And it will be different for each country. The first step is expressing the things said here and fighting the ridiculisation that it will bring up. The establishment will try to keep things as they are and they will ridicule our goals in all possible ways.

Start with government cooperation at global level. This will be very difficult, so countries should start doing this on a smaller scale to set an example.

For example: the USA will have to change their political system to make sure it will never be possible again to get a president like the one in the period 2016-2020

"It is way too expensive" This is a non sense argument. Everything humanity does (the work hours of all labourers) is non directed. It is driven by many greedy selfish entrepreneurs who don't care about the mess they leave behind and only want to become rich as fast as possible. You can say that at a global scale everybody is moving in a random direction driven by their personal greed. There is no global common goal right now that we are working for. Some of the hours are spent on producing food en housing, which is necessary. The rest of the hours are spent (wasted) on making luzury things like for example luxury cars (that is 3000 kg cars versus 300 kg cars), bad (disposable) products, competition (many companies developing the same products that have been developed by other companies before. Those efforts can now be combined because all information can now be shared). So all these wasted efforst can now be put to work in a different direction set by a global common goal instead of many individual selfish greedy goals.