My perception of the global status quo. Some subjects

Subject Discussion
Political parties in the Netherlands

Groenlinks is the party that I usually vote for. But they appear to not achieve very much. Too politically correct, too carefull in expressing what is wrong, too afraid to be left outline as a serious discussion partner.

Partij voor de Dieren seems a better alternative nowadays. But they also are not saying what must be said.

Politics in the USA
The country and/or political system has a serious problem it now appears. It should be impossible for a selfish rich lunatic like the current president to get elected. I know the country quite well, spent a few years in various parts of the country. I know that roughly half the population of the USA is "decent", comparable with the decent majority of Europe. And with decent I mean social, honest and good people who care about other people and the earth (as opposed to being for example greedy and selfish).

Roughly the other half of the population is either too stupid, too ignorant, too lazy, too selfish too take a broader perspective of the world. The richest country in the world is really a very poor country. Too many people are just too busy to survive in the selfish money centered environment they live in.