What should we aim for?

Basic principles

Earth The earth and its preservation and protection are leading in everything we do. The term cost will be redefined in terms of the cost to the earth. Money is just a means of cooperation and exchange.
World leadership Should be global, human, open, honest, fair and science based. Governments should cooperate, so the United Nations is a good starting point for this.
Wealth Individual wealth should be limited to avoid power at the wrong places. Someone who is rich is not necessarily the right person to lead the world or influence the direction the world is going. On the other hand, everybody the same income is not stimulating activity, so a basic minimum income for all and a cap of say 10 or a 100 times the minimum would be good.
Knowledge Is free for all. See wikipedia. All knowledge should be free and open for everybody to access. Including all production data of production companies. And including tracebility of all materials used in production. No patents on anything, because this also stimulates big companies to become bigger at the cost of smaller companies.
Commercials Must absolutely be forbidden, because they lie, deceive, indoctrinate. Stimulates companies that are already big to become bigger, because advertising is expensive. It should be replaced by independent objective product comparison sites. These can freely emerge in a world of openness.
Globalisation Is good in the sense that we should cooperate globally at government level. But it is bad in the sense that companies get bigger at the cost of smaller companies. The tendency of companies growing bigger should be turned around. The aim should be for a mesh network of individuals around the world cooperating in many virtual and physical cooperations. Take open source software projects as an example. Commercials and advertising should be forbidden, knowledges should become globally free and individual wealth should be limited to reverse the tendency that gives wealthy individuals and companies power where they should NOT have power at all.

More specific, proposals

Subject Description Goal
Property Land, buildings, intellectual property, .....?
Land Ownership should be limited. How much land a single person can own should be limited to the total available land surface minus surface needed for (food) production, recreation, etc. divided by the number of people. For example for the Netherlands this would amount to something like 2000 square meters per person max. Not everybody wants this amount. Land rights can be given back to the government in exchange for other benefits.
Wealth We all know that the worlds wealth is in the hands of very few people. This wealth gives them power, the power to achieve something, the power to influence public opinion, the power to influence politicians, etc.. In the open or (most of the time) hidden. This is something very undesirable and unfair. There is no way to check whether this power is used in the interest of the world. This wealth can be in the form of money and/or property (land, buildings, intellectual property). There should be a limit on individual wealth. See property. Money wise: it is ridiculous that some people have billions of dollars/euros/other currencies. Above a certain limit money should just go to the government.
Inheritance By inheritance wealth stays in the same families, giving offspring from wealthy families a big advantage in upbringing. This fact makes that equal opportunity keeps being an illusion. This prevents people born in poor circumstances to do better. So a lot of effort and money must be spent on creating real equal opportinities for children born in poor circumstances, that means a lot of effort in education and basic human living conditions for everyone. Basic housing and income for all, education free for all.
Healthcare Is a basic need of all humans. Should be available for all, independent of income. Mandatory health insurance for all. This goes without saying.
Cars Is a means of transportation, not a status symbol. Individual traffic safety should not depend on wealth. It is totally unacceptable that money buys safety. Expensive (and usually HEAVY) cars are more safe then cheap cars. A passenger af an expensive heavy car is much safer for himself but at the same time is more dangerous for drivers of lighter cars . It should be forbidden that cars are above a certain weight per passenger. And/or they should be taxed extremely progressively with weight.