Change to make a better world is free!

Why this site?
I started this in 2019. I was 60 and I suddenly realized that I finally understood the big picture of what is wrong in the world and why nothing is changing. Yes, I know, that took me a long time.... Life long studying..... ;-). It also became clear that positive change is not only coming too slow, but more and more we seem to move in the wrong direction in some parts of the world. Anyway, I am over the hill, but now I feel the need and obligation to do something.

It is very hard to make a change. How do we do that? The existing political parties are not going to achieve this. Nobody is really hitting the right string. They are all beating around the bush.

Meanwhile there are all kinds of global protests and actions that show there is frustration amongst many people about the fact that politics is not able to make a change.

I am convinced that all these vague protests that do not seem to be able to express what they really want all come down to the same frustration that I have been having: there are a lot of things wrong in the world and nobody is saying what it really is.

So that is what I am doing here on this site.

On this site I want to write down my thoughts and ideas for non violent but radical change

Clearly this will require global cooperation between all people and countries of the world.

I am using the word radical, because it is radically different in many respects to what we do now, but on the other hand I want the changes to go evolutionary, keeping the many good things that we have now and changing what is bad. I think thise changes will take a few generations to be implemented.